Who We Are

We are a small team of friend developers who create our projects.
Our primary expertise is mobile apps for both iOS and Android. We also specialize in a serverless approach.

Mobile applications are the most exciting thing invented in the last 30 years

After the internet invention and changing civilizations most incredibly, mobile applications are the next greatest thing that happened to humanity. And we are happy to be involved in this process.

I Am Canary is an application for those who want to be calm and assured while hiking or traveling

Native code application

We are working only with native code for every platform. So applications work as fast as possible.

Serverless approach

Our primary expertise is mobile app development. Therefore, we decided to rely on well-established cloud platforms to serve our backend.

Community driven

The project is not only ours. We respect every user. And we listen to every user while deciding how to grow the project.

We are located in sunny California. The best place on Earth to be a tech people

If you want to contact us, you can call or send an email, or send an actual paper mail like our predecessors ;)

+1 555 505 5050


6300 Randi Ave, Apt404 Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, 91367